You Could Fly with a Private Jet, Here’s How

So how much does it actually cost to own a private jet well first you need to buy one. while a simple jet will set you back three to ten million dollars, a more luxurious model costs around 80 to 90 million. Why such a huge difference well the cheapest jets are basically just mini versions of regular planes. They’re usually older and have fewer amenities on board but if you’re willing to splurge to get a real luxury experience, you’ll probably feel like you’re in a flying first-class hotel room rather than a plane.

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 Private Jet

Luxurious feature of Private Jet

The most modern jets feature a dedicated bedroom with a comfortable bed, a full-service kitchen, head accommodation, and the newest gadgets. so, you’ve finally made the decision and bought the jet that’s just right for you but now you need to be ready to open your wallet a lot wider because of just the maintenance.

One of these things can cost you a fortune. Most aircraft sellers claim the operating cost is justified if you fly for at least 200 hours a year. so let’s see how much it will cost you to do just that let’s start with the most basic thing your jet needs fuel to even get started. The average fuel cost is around four dollars per gallon that means spending around 280 000 per year on the gas alone. For this amount of money, you could buy a small house and also remember you’re not going to be flying the jet. On your own usually, a small jet has one to two pilots plus a flight attendant.

A good pilot salary can reach a quarter of a million dollars per year and depend on the size of your jet. You might need two or three pilots sometimes the crew might also include a private chef to cook your restaurant class food in the sky or maybe a personal bartender. All their salaries alone could cost a million dollars a year and if you’re planning on staying in a remote location well you’ll need to pay for the accommodation for the whole crew or send them back home but remember the previous point about the cost of gas you can always find somewhere to park your car.

 Private Jet interior

Sadly it’s not the same with a private jet. It just won’t fit in your backyard so you’ll need to rent a spacious hangar that will cost you an extra seventy thousand dollars a year staying in remote places doesn’t come for free either and just like parking in the street. You’ll have to pay for an individual spot don’t forget that planes also have a tendency to break from time to time just like cars but when your automobile has a flat tire you can fix it for a few bucks solving a similar problem with a private jet means spending a few thousand dollars fixing a cracked windshield can cost between forty-five thousand and seventy thousand dollars.

Then you need to add insurance crew training and other unexpected expenses to all this. In the end, we’re looking at a sum of around a million dollars per year and that’s only for 200 hours of flying. So around three trips from Los Angeles to new york per month. If you travel more often more for longer it’ll cost you around two million dollars per year

 Private Jet

How to buy private jet

If you imagine a rock star or a glamorous celebrity when you think of private jets. You’re mistaken most jets are actually used for business. This is because a private jet can save you precious time at the airport and as we all know time is money besides that private jets are a comfortable place to continue doing your work. Private traveling also helps to protect intellectual property and ensures that nobody can steal corporate secrets.

There are also more than fifteen thousand private flights for humanitarian reasons each year. Big corporations donate their jets to take patients to specific hospitals or deliver supplies to places in need some airports especially in small towns can only accommodate private jets. So these planes can be really important for delivering supplies to areas with emergencies or evacuating people.

Another ways to travel by Private Jet

So, you’re still dead set on flying private but cannot afford to buy a jet don’t worry. There are still plenty of options available to you, if you have a net worth of around 25 million bucks you can buy part of a jet well not literally what would you do with just a cabin or one of the wings. I mean you can buy time on the plane. The smallest share is 1.16 and that can cost you anywhere from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of dollars depending on the aircraft model a basic deal will get you 50 flying hours and access to a fleet of planes with a company.

 Private Jet tickets

If that doesn’t work for you there are other option jet cards, these basically let you buy private flight time based on your needs and the more hours you buy. The cheaper, they are different companies will provide a variety of services and levels of luxury but around 20 hours will cost you between one and two hundred thousand dollars for less frequent travelers. The on-demand charter option might work better instead of buying time or partial ownership you just reserve a private plane for a specific flight an hour of journey time may cost between ten and thirty thousand dollars.

Now that’s not cheap but it’s still much better than two million dollars. If that’s still too expensive for you, I’ve got another option seat-sharing, now this is pretty simple. A person who’s booked a private flight can decide to sell a few seats in their jet think of it. As a little like an uber pool for a plane. You’ll still have to pay around twenty thousand dollars for the membership plus about two thousand dollars for an actual seat an even cheaper option is known as empty legs this refers to private jets flying back to their base after completing a flight. These flights can typically cost you a few thousand dollars but the cheaper options come to just a few hundred these often work for people with flexible schedules.

If the main passenger changes their plans then your flight is canceled the cheapest option on the list is the private aviation scheduled. Flights tickets can be as cheap as 60 dollars but here you won’t get the kind of luxurious plane, you see in promotional pictures usually, these are just smaller versions of the big commercial airliners with a little legroom and a small amount of luggage space the benefit of flying private in this case is in terms of the time. You’ll save these planes depart from smaller airports so you can arrive 15 minutes before takeoff and leave pretty much as soon as the plane touches the ground and if you can’t afford any of these options, you can at least admire all those private jets out there

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