Why are airplane seats always blue? why? and other 5 interesting Facts.

So have you ever noticed how airplane seats always blue? Now it’s not because they’re said some people assume that this color was chosen because it reminds us of the sky but the real reason is not that simple.

We’re about to answer that plus tons of other popular airplane-related questions and stick around because we’ve got a useful bonus for you that’ll let you know how to choose the best seat on the plane.

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seats always blue

Are the seats always blue?

The first blue seats came into use several decades ago, and now pretty much all airlines choose upholstery of this color. So why blue with the stress and apprehension that comes with traveling especially by air Airlines. Understood that it’s essential to calm passengers down and reassure them that everything’s going to be all right.

You probably know every color has a hidden meaning and sends our different subconscious signals according to scientists most people associate the color blue with reliability and safety which is essential even for travelers who don’t have aerophobia. It has a proven positive effect on the human body. It slows down your heart rate and relaxes tension. Also, according to a study published in Psychology, Today, 90% of us subconsciously make a decision about the attractiveness of a company depending on the brand’s colors. What about other colors, it’s interesting to note that in the 1970s and 80s some airlines try to use red upholstery. Still, they later had to change it to blue because it turned out that the color red increased the level of aggression among passengers.

seats always blue

There’s also a practical reason why airline chose blue seats, dirt stains and scrapes are less visible on this color. So that means these seats can be used for a more extended period of time compared with ones with lighter colored upholstery and for those airsick passengers, who miss the bag it probably helps hide the barf colors as well. However, since fewer people can afford to fly first-class airlines use bright upholstery, they’re more often as the fabric wears out slower fabric or leather as for materials the seats can be upholstered with either faux leather or fabric as a rule in aircraft used for long-distance flights like transatlantic ones. The seats are upholstered with fabric because it’s more breathable for the skin so passengers won’t sweat chafe or experience any discomfort that little piece of cloth.

They put oil on the back of the seat is called an antimacassar, the name comes from Makassar oil which means in the Victorian era would use to style their hair this oil and extremely rich and leaves a greasy stain on anything. It touches so people at that time started putting these small pieces of fabrics on the back of armchairs where people would rest their heads to prevent any damage to expensive furniture. While we might not slather our hair and the stuff. So much nowadays antimacassar does help airlines get longer use out of their seats artificial leather works great for short flights. It’s extremely wear-proof and even spilled drinks, don’t stain. 

why don’t plain windows line up with the seats?

plain windows line up with the seats

Have you ever been so excited to have a window seat until you actually sat down and realize that your much awaited view was blocked by the back of the seat in front of you. Well this happens basically because airlines care more about profits than your ability to take a perfect picture at landing. Those greedy scoundrels aviation manufacturers provide Airlines with recommendations on how to install seat rows correctly but no one actually follows these rules. Tracks on the floor of the aircraft allow rows of seats to be organized at the airlines discretion, so companies take advantage of this in order to install and therefore sell as many seats as they can physically crammed into the space. They’re also free to choose the seating arrangement it can be three four, three two, four three, three three. 

why are planes are colored white?


The reason why most planes are painted white is an aesthetics or color psychology. It’s just more efficient paint can make a plane anywhere from 600 to 1200 pounds heavier and the heavier the aircraft is the more fuel. It needs airlines take the weight issue really seriously, in the 1980s American Airlines decided to remove one olive from every salad on board and managed to save forty thousand dollars a year. The color white also reflects light better which means the plane won’t overheat because of the sun’s rays plus white makes it easier to notice cracks, leaks and any other damage that needs to be fixed. Finally it takes rescuers less time to spot a white plane in case of an emergency. There are exceptions to every rule of course, many people remember the Lord of the Rings themed Boeing 777 of Air New Zealand and it’s practically impossible to miss Russian Airlines, sevens lime-green planes and the bright orange aircrafts of Johannesburg based mango Airlines.

oh! that sounds yummy 

why is it so cold on airplanes?

All frequent fliers know that the trick to staying comfortable onboard is to dress appropriately and one of the most important tips any well-versed traveler can give us is to layer up before you get on the plane. If you agree that the cabin is always way too cold hit that like button and make yourself known the temperature on board has kept close to freezing for a reason this. Way it has nothing to do with psychology but with preventing health issues the American Society for testing and materials international conducted a whole study on the matter many airplane passengers get hypoxia. Which is when a person is more likely to faint at high altitudes than on the ground. It happens when bodily tissues don’t get enough oxygen to minimize the risk of fainting airlines, keep the temperature and air pressure in the cabin really low. So if it’s a little too cold for your liking don’t complain simply ask for a blanket and take comfort in knowing that airlines are just trying to help people out or if you’re on a newer model aircraft you’ll be happy to know that they have better thermostats that can adjust the temperature more precisely even row by row. 

So where do the pilots sleep?


Long-haul flights are exhausting enough for passengers but can you imagine how the pilots feel for flights that are longer than 10 and a half hours there are more than two pilots operating the aircraft and they take turns resting in private bunks for the crew the ER bus a380. The world’s largest passenger plane also has sleeping quarters below its decks for the whole crew including flight attendants where they can have some rest. There are also some resting places and lockers for the crew below or above the main deck in case there’s no special rest area onboard or if the flight isn’t that long. Pilots take a break in the seat rows within or near the cockpit or even in the passenger cabin. 

In case you were wondering if crew members use the same laboratories as passengers do?

The answer is yes, on most planes a Boeing 747 however has a special bathroom exclusively for the pilots, and now you know the secret to how pilots can pee at 500 miles per hour. Bet you didn’t know that, now how to choose the best seat toilet not included we already mentioned that row positioning in aircraft mostly depends on an airline’s imagination or perhaps greediness is the appropriate word. So choosing a comfortable seat is definitely not an easy task luckily there are a few tips that can help you there are special websites like seatguru.com where you can see real role positioning in airplanes belonging to different airlines will help you determine.

Emergency exist

If you’ll actually get to enjoy the view from your window seat or if you’ll have to constantly lean forward to see the landscapes, if you don’t want to listen to the hum of the engine throughout your whole flight then choose a seat closer to the nose of the airplane you might have to listen to flight attendants chatting but they probably won’t be nearly as loud as the sound of the engine. If it didn’t manage to catch one of these seats then sit closer to the aisle as it’s quieter than near the window by the way the seats at the front of the aircraft have one more advantage meals are served to start with you. So you’ll have a wider variety of dishes. The tail end passengers rarely have a choice between chicken or fish, if you’re tall be sure to sit next to the emergency exit there’s more space between the seat rows and you won’t have to fly with your knees up to your ears but keep in mind that the seats in the row near the emergency exit don’t recline. This is done so they don’t interfere with an emergency evacuation so these seats might not be the best choice for some traveler.

So now you know why seats always blue.

So which of the answers to come to an airplane question surprised you the most let’s discuss it in the comments section below. yeah right here!

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