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Watermelon Health Benefits and Advantages

Even though watermelon is soaked with a major amount of water content. It has a good source of vitamins and minerals, like Vitamin A, B 6, C, thiamine, Potassium, amino acids, niacin, Magnesium, and fiber as well. Watermelon is generally green in color, round or oval, and even found in box shapes in Japan. Watermelon is sold excellently at the season of summer since it acts as are freshening fruit. Nowadays it is available almost in all seasons. Watermelon is bombarded with several health benefits and the below content gives an elaborate idea of watermelon’s uses and the health benefits.


    Surprising Watermelon Health Benefits

    • Hydration
    • Good for Heart
    • Good for digestion
    • Prevents Cancer
    • Skin Care
    • Maintains Blood Pressure
    • Treats Kidney Disorder
    • Muscle soreness.

    The above-given list consists of the benefits and in the further paragraph, the elaborate information is discussed.

    Surprising Watermelon Advantages and Nutritional Facts

    Hydration: Water helps to hydrate the human body. In the same way, watermelon contains more than 90% of water content, which is eventually good for hydrating the human body. It is also a good source of mineral combination along with water content gives less calorie intake. Hence a suitable fruit for a proper diet.

    Good for Heart: As mentioned above watermelon is rich enough in Potassium, and Vitamin C which reduces cholesterol. Thereby preventing a heart attack. “Lycopene” is called the red pigment, which is also present in tomato (fruit or vegetable), is good for human Cardiovascular functions, and the Beta-carotene keeps our heart stay young, healthy and prevents from age-related cardiac problems.

    Good for digestion: Watermelon contain enough amount of fiber, which helps in regulating the proper digestion. Normally one can consume watermelons after a heavy meal or after having heavy non-vegetarian food.

    Prevents Cancer: Lycopene and Vitamin C found in watermelon, actually stops the formation of cancer forming cancer cells and helps to fight against cancer. It prevents cancers like Prostate, Breast, colon and even lung cancer. It has the great potential of eliminating the prostate cancer.

    Skin care: Vitamin A in watermelon produces more amount of Collagen, which is good for skin moisturization. Proper consumption of watermelon makes the skin feel more moisturized and rejuvenated especially during summers.

    Maintains Blood Pressure: For people who are suffering blood pressure, a watermelon is a fantastic option. The Potassium in watermelon acts as a vasolidator which relaxes the blood vessels and reduce the stress on blood vessels thereby enhancing the blood flow. It actually protects the body from stokes, heartsickness and maintains blood pressure. To some extent, it also controls blood clot and anther sclerosis.

    Treats Kidney Disorder: The potassium present in watermelon not only controls blood pressure, but it also helps in cleaning the toxic and unwanted depositions. It will also clean the uric acid accumulation in the kidney. It reduces the cause of kidney damage as it induces frequent urination and maintains the kidney clean and free from kidney stone formation. Also, the antioxidants present in watermelon ensures good health of the kidneys.

    Controls Muscle Soreness: Watermelon is good to control muscle soreness due to the citrulline content in it, and the findings state that watermelon intake in the form of watermelon juice promotes better promotion citrulline amino acid. You will observe this practice, especially among the athletes.

    Conclusion on Eating Watermelon Advantages

    I have heard from some people that, watermelons do not consume due to its bright red color which some people don’t prefer. One should overcome by consuming watermelons because it is a fruit with several health benefits. And a tropical country like India and the Indian people should develop the habit of consuming fruits like watermelon with more water content. In order to get hydrate the body, enjoy the fruitful Watermelon Health Benefits.

    List of Eating Watermelon Disadvantages

    There are several components present in watermelon, which has both positive and negative aspects. Watermelon is a fat-free fruit filled with several nutrients and minerals, and especially it contains more of potassium. Though they are good for human health, they might create side effects like Low Blood Pressure, Intestinal disturbance, and so on.Now let us have a look at the negative attributes of watermelon consumption.

    The List of Shocking Side Effects of Watermelon Consumption

    • Allergic reactions
    • To be avoided during pregnancy
    • Intestinal Disturbance
    • Fatigue
    • May cause low Blood Pressure
    • Cardiovascular Problems
    • Overhydration
    • Hyperkalemia

    These are the different side effects or the disadvantages of eating watermelon. Furthermore, check below to know more about them.

    Why You Should Avoid Watermelons in Your Day to Day Consumption

    The above mentioned are the outline of side effects of watermelon, now let us have a detailed description of these side effects. Have a look at the below things which will let you know the list of eating watermelon disadvantages.

    Allergic reaction: Consuming watermelon induces some kind of allergic reactions not for all but too few people to some extent. People who are prone allergic to cucurbitaceous fruits and fruits like carrot, latex are likely to avoid watermelon as well. The allergies may be in form of rashes, swelling of skin from mild stage to severe infection.

    Watermelon Consumption During Pregnancy: The natural sweet sugar present in watermelon might cause Gestational diabetes in pregnant women. This could have the possibilities of affecting pregnant women and the infant. It is better to avoid watermelon during pregnancy.

    Intestinal Disturbance: People with weaker digestive systems are not advisable to take watermelons. This is because watermelon contains the component lycopene. This has health benefits but at the same time, heavy lycopene content may actually create problems like indigestion, Gas, Vomiting, nausea. It’s better to stay away from frequent watermelon consumption.

    Fatigue:More intake of watermelon increases the water content in the body, which keeps hydrated, but if the water content is not excreted properly, chances of increase in the volume of blood increases.This might lead to fatigue.

    May cause low Blood Pressure: The overdose of watermelon caused the reduction in Blood Pressure level, so People with low BP level are not advisable to have watermelon.

    Cardiovascular Problems: The potassium in watermelon actually does not promote good cardiovascular functioning. It disrupts and creates problems like Cardiac arrest, Weak pulse, and irregular heartbeats.

    Overhydration: Proper intake of watermelon has no harmful effects on the body. But when you over consume it, you will face some problems. Watermelons have about 90 to 92% water. If you consume it in excess and do not excrete it properly, it might actually increase the blood volume and causing swelling of legs, fatigue and result in weaker kidneys. There are also possibilities of losing important salts and minerals from the body.

    Hyperkalemia: Hyperkalemia is a state result from kidney malfunction. When you consume watermelon in excess, it increases the potassium content in the body. It could cause cardiovascular problems like weak pulse, cardiac arrest, irregular heartbeat and affects the muscle system.

    Conclusion on Eating Watermelon Disadvantages:

    The above article information is clearly stating that “Too much of anything is good for nothing”. Same way overdose of watermelon consumption will always cause some health problems. Hence in order to avoid this, always try to have a proper scheduled intake of watermelon.


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