List of Goat Farming Advantages | Pros, Uses, Benefits of Goat Farming


What are the Goat Farming Advantages and Disadvantages: Goat Farming is the process of rearing of goats for the commercial use of Meat and Milk. The demand for Goat Meat is increasing rapidly. Many people from rural and urban areas take Goat Meat. Successful Rearing of Goats gains Good Margins for the goat farmer. When we compare with other Livestock Farming, Goat Farming is easy to establish and maintain. Goats are considered as Poor man’s Cow. The demand for Goat Milk is also increasing in many regions.

Commercial Goat Farming is a very profitable business venture. If you take proper care and management, one can gain huge margins in Goat Farming Business with less investment. Goat Rearing is the right choice if you have been to any other Livestock Farm Businesses. Many individuals and farmers are willing to start this business. However, due to lack of knowledge and information they don’t start. No worries, we will let you know all the information regarding Goat Farming. In this post, you will get to know all about Benefits of Goat Farming Business.


Advantages and Benefits of Goat Farming In India

List of Goat Farming Advantages In India:

  • The initial investment required to start this Goat Farming Business is comparatively less.
  • It is easy to maintain when we compare with other livestock farm business.
  • As the Goats have less size, they require less housing space.
  • Goats are being friendly with people.
  • Production from Goat Farming Business is more per unit investment of money.
  • They have a short gestation period.
  • When we compare with other Livestock Farming, male and female goats have equal value.
  • Unlike other farm business, it is less risky to start in drought-prone areas.
  • Goats are two to three times economical than Sheep Farming.
  • As their size is less, it is easy to transport to the near slaughterhouses.
  • There is no any religious taboo of having Goat Meat and Milk.
  • Milk and meat of Goat are most acceptable for consumption all over the world.
  • They adapt to the various type of agro-climatic weather conditions.
  • When we start breeding of Goats, a market will get start the nearby farm which requires no or less marketing cost.
  • When we compare Goats with other animals, they are more tolerant of various diseases.
  • Goat rearing is friendly farm business.
  • By-products of Goats like excreta that acts as manure for crop field and skin used for manufacturing of various textile products.

Benefits Of Goat Milk

  • It is available at cheap price.
  • It is nutritious as well as easily digestible.
  • Fats and Proteins in it are finer than Cow milk.
  • Goat milk is less allergic than other Animal Milk.
  • Phosphate is important for vegetarians. Goat Milk is rich in Phosphate content.
  • Contain high percentage of B complex Vitamins.
  • Suitable for making various Milk products.
  • Requires less refrigeration and storage, hence prevents the problems of storage. In addition, decreases the input cost.
  • Milking of Goat can be done at any time intervals.

Conclusion: We really hope that this article on benefits and Goat Farming Advantages Business is helpful to you. Furthermore, You can also check the below link for more information on Goat Farming Business.

List of Gir Cattle Farming Advantages, Benefits, Pros for Profits in India

Benefits and Advantages of Gir Cow Cattle Farming in India

Gyr/Gir Cattle Farming Advantages: Gir is an indigenous Cow breed. It is also known as Gyr Cow. There are many health benefits of Gir Cow Milk. There is a number of proteins and vitamins in high ratios in the Gir Cow Milk. the Gir name for the Cow derives from its natural habitat that is Gir Forests in India. Gir Cow Breed is native to India and a very high milk yielding Cow. The Gir Cow is also known as Gujarathi, Bhadali, Surti, Desa, and Kathiawari in various states in the country. The Gir Cow is also very famous in foreign countries also. in many foreign countries, they use Gir Cow for various breeding purposes as the Gir has special characteristic features like high milk yielding and biotic and abiotic resistance.

List of Gir Cattle Farming Advantages and Benefits:

  • Gir Cow Farming is mainly for the production of Milk. It is high yielding Milch purpose Cow breed.
  • However, in some countries, Girs also raised for the purpose of Beef production.
  • Per lactation, the Gir Cow gives around 1600 Kg of Milk per single lactation. There is also record production of 3182 kg Milk from Gir Cow.
  • The Gir Cow has the ability to sustain over various types of habitats or environmental conditions. Gir Cows are being reared in various foreign countries too.
  • The Cow Breed has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years.
  • On an average, the Cow has the capacity to give birth for 10 to 12 Calves.
  • The Gir Cow Milk Market Value is around Rs.50 to RS.70 per Litre.
  • Gir Cow Milk has the capacity to make high and premium quality Ghee and other Milk products.
  • The Gir has the ability to resist various cattle and livestock diseases.
  • It has improved the livability of many Cattle Farmers across various states of India.
  • Furthermore, the Gir Breed is being extensively useful for the Cattle Cow Cross breeding purposes.

These are the Befits and Advantages of Gir Cow Farming. Furthermore, knowing the Pros of Gir Cow Breed is a basic and major component that plays an important role in the Livestock Farming Business.

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